Custom Portraits & Pinups



 In addition to his regular advertising art, collectibles art and celebrity portraiture Dick can create a stunning custom portrait of you, your family or your pets from your own collection of personal photos in his award winning style.  This can be in a formal, casual, business or glamour motif.

If you have the inclination for a boudoir or pinup style figure portrait you can send Dick your photos with special instructions also.   All photos are secured and returned intact at completion of the painting. 



The photos that you supply for any of the above mentioned portrait motifs can be existing photos or those taken by a family member, friend or professional photographer.  Dick's experience and talent enaable him to add or change all elements of the photos:  pose, hairstyles, fashions, colors, backgrounds, if any, and even to aging or substracting many years from the subject.  The more photos supplied the greater the accuracy and satisfaction with the portrait.   




Example of a boudoir pinup and a glamour portrait.


All portrait commissions begin with an in depth Email discussion of your wishes for the finished portrait.  I will specify what I need in terms of the reference photos, portrait or pinup, sizes of the reference photo prints and steps in the pencil layout process and the time frame and fee involved.  Upon receiving the reference material I prepare a comprehensive pencil layout for design, proportion and size of subject  for the client approval.   That process takes approximately three days.  At that stage changes, if any, can be discussed and made for final approval.  Final work begins and that can take from two to three weeks.  All pricing varies and depends on how many are in the painting, the amount of the figure portrayed and/or any background elements beyond a general tonal background.   All elements of the project are covered in detail in an official artist/clinet agreement based on the Graphoic Artists' Guild model before the project starts.