Artist Bio


Dick Bobnick loved drawing form his earliest childhood years.  He was an avid drawer at age four and on through his early grade school years. A popular class project at that time in his parochial grade school was creating a frieze, which was a series of drawings and paintings on a 20" high and 15' long piece of paper, stretched across one wall of the classroom and drawn and painted by a group of the students.



At age ten Dick had his first "show" at the St. Paul Public Library with a series of pencil portraits of famous Hollywood stars.  Throughout high school and college Dick cartooned for the school newspapers and designed homecoming and prom buttons.  At the University of Minnesota he art edited and illustrated the Engineering school's monthly publication, the Technolog.   During his senior year Dick had assembled a large portfolio of his art samples which included figure work and portraits.  It impressed art directors at major art studios in Minneapolis and he was  hired as a staff artist within three months of his U. of M. graduation even though he had no practical experience with studio production or illustration.  His internship lasted eight months and then an economy move  resulted in he and several other new hires being laid off.  He immediately hit the pavement and was hired by another small studio  but this time as a full fledged illustrator.  He remained there for six and a half years and then made the move to one of the foremost and largest studios in Minneapolis.  There he produced many great advertising illustrations for numerous regional and national clients.  After four years he moved to yet another top studio, Studio One, where his reputation grew in national clients and assignments.   In 1990, after nearly sixteen years with Studio One Dick struck out on his own as a freelancer so he could concentrate on the kind of work he most loved:  celebrity portraits, action-adventure, sports and historical themes for ad agencies, corporations, public relations firms, publishers and the collectibles industry.



Some of Dick's most notable commissions came from the United States Historical Society, the U.S. Army, General Mills, Elvis Presley Enterprises, R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, AT&T, Sony Corporation, the Minnesota Orchestral Association, Northwest Airlines, Editor/Publisher magazine, Barbour Publishing, the Franklin Mint, the Danbury Mint, the Bradford Exchange, the Hamilton Collection and Art Instruction Schools, Inc.



Dick continues producing his dynamic artwork along with his "Portraits And Pinups From Your Photos" service in his Burnsville studio.



Montage illustration of GOLDFINGER , one of a series of six paintings commissioned by the Franklin Mint for Heirloom collector plates commemorating the James Bond films starring Sean Connery.






Legendary Hollywood and Broadway stage actress, Mae West, portrayed here in her starring role in her play, DIAMOND LIL.